Addyston Speaks


Presented by Addyston Village Council Daniel L. Pillow, Mayor

April 2014




WeThrive! Celebration June 14

Last year the Addyston WeThrive! Team put on a celebration for the community to emphasize healthy choices. It was a great day for the Vil- lage. On June 14, 2014 from 11:00AM to 3:00 PM we will start the party again.

This year we hope to be a little bigger and a little better, As we did last year we will provide lunch and lots of prizes. The first 50 to register will receive the coveted WeThrive! tee shirt. Before the event you can pur- chase one for $7.50. The day of the event they will cost $10.00 each.

There will be loads of prizes and lots of fun events. Our mission is to help our citizens make the healthy choice the easy choice. We encour- age everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and exercise more. Use our walking paths and outdoors exercise equipment to get started. Look for a complete listing of activities at the Post Office soon. We need Volunteers to help us. Call 941-1313x10

The Great Addyston Clean-up Returns

As you know over the past few years we had declining revenues and had to cut some services to the Village. Due to you, the citizens of Ad- dyston and your generosity in passing our Income Levy, we are now able to bring those services back. The great Addyston Clean-up will be held Saturday May 17, 9 AM –3 PM. This will be an excellent time to get rid of all the junk and debris that you have accumulated over the years. We will take everything except chemical waste. Paint and oil dried with

The Addyston WeThrive Team

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New Dentist


Water Board


Police Dept.


Thank You




Open Burning


Coming Events



It’s Tax Time

Along with your State and Federal Tax every resident must file an Income Tax return with the Village of Addyston. It is due:

April 15, 2014

Not sure you have to file?

Property Tax


Many citizens have taken ad- vantage of the HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION

If you: 1) Own your own home 2)Are 65 years old or Disabled 3)Earn $30,500.00 or less


Call 513-946-4099


From time to time we find solici- tors canvasing our community. It is illegal to solicit in our village without a proper permit.

All solicitors must register at the clerk’s office.

If anyone approaches you without the proper paperwork call the police. 941-1313x11

Dr. Wayne Wauligman with his Daughter Dr. Whitney Wauligman to his left and staff. Clockwise: Hygienist Lindsey– Assistant Corrine-Receptionist Linda-hygienist Diane- hygienist Ellen and Receptionist Puala

Welcome “Drs.” Wauligman

We are so very happy and excited to welcome Doctors, yes plural, Wayne and Whit- ney Wauligmann to the Village of Addyston. They are located in the remodeled Ad- dyston medical Building at 16 E. Main Street at South Road. Dr. Wayne is President of the Cincinnati Dental Society

He moves here from Westwood where he had been in practice for forty years. He is joined in Addyston by his daughter, Whitney Wauligman, who graduated from the Ohio State University Dental School in May of 2013.

Both Doctors, Wayne and Whitney, Value state of the art dental technologies, includ- ing operatories with digital radiography and intra-oral cameras. Their remodeled of- fice building features green practices that reduce the impact on the environment, such as L.E.D. lighting and geothermal heating and cooling. They both volunteer with the Cincinnati Dental Society Oral Health Foundation. They donate their dental services at the new Oyler Dental Clinic and at the Leave No Veterans Behind Pro- gram.

Doctor Whitney is currently Accepting new patients and looks forward to working with the Addyston Community. We are so very fortunate to have them here. Please

(Water Con’t)

The Board wants to remind every- one that it is a” felony” to tamper with a public utility.

Do not attempt to use our meters to turn your water on or off. We will make every attempt to provide the service you need ASAP.

Bernard Thomas, President

Dale Thomas, Trustee


Coming soon to a street near you. Starting in June Council will close Main Street at Dining and Church so our kids can just play. Watch for de- tails.

Ken Schmidt of the Ineos Corp. receives an award of appreciation from Council for Facilitating the 2014 Council Retreat held at the plant. Ineos provided all the accom- modations for the day long event. Thanks to Ken and Ineos.

The Addyston Board of Public Affairs Updates

It is not easy balancing the ever increasing cost of supplies and maintaining an affordable commodity. The ABPA is working to do just that. The sever winter has taken a toll on their operation as well. Throughout the County water mains are breaking as the spring thaw comes. We have had our share as well. With the spring we will cleanup those areas where we made repairs this win- ter.

The water tank has been cleaned and is waiting for good weather to be painted and updated per the EPA’s code. A new chlorina- tion system has been implemented and the clear well filtration system is awaiting grant funding. The Board has updated its proto- col which includes more training for the water maintenance man and accountability measures to insure the safe delivery of water to the community. If you have a water delivery problem please call Water Maintenance, Ryan Jump, at 513-252-8059. If you

Thank You!

We would like to take a moment to thank you our citizens for your extreme generosity and patience. Last year was a trying year for us all. We suffered through a very tough time financially. Credit to our Village Council, some hard decisions were made to keep us going.

We are often judged by the seemingly bad things that happen in life. In the end we were able to sustain our quality of life in those times . Now it is about im- proving the quality of life as things get better.

Make no mistake , with con- tinued uncertainty in our state and federal govern- ment economies , new cuts and hardships could come at any time.

Again thank you to our great

From our Maintenance Department

As summer approaches our Maintenance Dept. will be overwhelmed trying to keep our community neat and clean. Bobby and crew are asking your help. Please don’t blow grass and debris on to the road and sidewalk (Which is, by the way, illegal). If each of us would take a minute in front our homes it would make our town look so much nicer, and take a load of them. Thanks to you that

Addyston Police Department

Dorian LaCourse Chief

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. We have had a long, cold winter and everyone is ready to get outside and finally enjoy some warm weather. Lets make sure we keep everyone safe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pe- destrians experienced an increase in fatalities in the U.S. in 2011, totaling 4,432 deaths, with an additional 69,000 injured. With a little education on pedestrian safety laws, we can help to reduce these numbers.

There are laws pertaining to where pedestrians are to walk. Did you know that if a sidewalk is provided, it is illegal to walk in the road- way? If no sidewalk is provided, a pedestrian should walk as near as possible to the outside edge of the roadway on the left side. This is because pedestrians are required to yield the "right of way" to vehi- cles. You also walk on the left so you can see vehicles as they are approaching. Drivers be aware of the residential speed limits and watch carefully for the children playing outside

I'm sure you have all heard the saying "out of sight, out of mind". Make sure when you leave your cars they are locked and your valu- ables are out of sight. Your car being locked does not always deter someone from breaking in if they see something they want. Locking your car will help them not get in and snoop around.

Have a great and safe summer.


Rumpke is the exclusive con- tracted trash service in the Village of Addyston. This means that you cannot have an independent trash collector come in to pick up your gar- bage. Rumpke offers many services and has rules as to what may be picked up.

Trash can be put curbside at 5 PM the day before pickup and receptacles must be off the street by 6 PM on trash day.

If for any reason Rumpke does not pick up your trash it must be removed from the street and you should contact Rumpke as to the reason.


Over the past few years we have had several citations written for open burning. The question arises “ What about my fire pit”? Chief Steven Ober, Miami Town- ship Fire and EMS. makes it quite simple. Fire pits are legal so long as they are contained and burn only seasoned wood. You cannot burn paper, refuse of any sort or unseasoned wood. To be safe “Call be- fore you burn” 941-1313x11. ‘Open burning’ is not allowed’.

Coming Soon! A new Look & Mission

Coming Events

The Addyston Easter Egg Hunt 2:00 PM

April 19, 2014

The Great Addyston Clean up 9 AM-1 PM

May 17,2014

WeThrive Celebration 11AM –3PM

June 14, 2014

Street Parks 5:30 –8 PM Days TBD



Spring is here! Finally!

We need help weeding the flower beds and planting flowers. Vol- unteering is a great way to meet new people and give back to the community. Volunteering makes you feel good and makes our community stronger. Give us a call and ask about this project and many others throughout the year. Call Bobby 615-8989 or Erin 941 -1313x10. Standing Commissions are a great way to get in- volved in Village government. We have many vacancies.

The Village of Addyston 235 main Street PO Box 536 Addyston, Ohio 45001 513-941-1313

513-941-2697 Fax

Addyston, Resident

Addyston, OH, 45001

Contact Us:

Daniel L. Pillow, Mayor


Margaret Dozier, Clerk


Natalie Thomas, Treasurer


Erin Lowry, Admin. Assistant

Clerk of Courts


Police Department


Chief Dorian LaCourse


Village Maintenance


Gordon (Bobby) Cross


Water Department


Ryan Jump, Maintenance


Margaret Dozier, Clerk


Building/Code Dept.


Dick Weber


Council Meetings 1st and 3rd Mondays

Summer Meeting Schedule:

June –Sept. 3rd Mondays only






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