As much as we take great pride in our rich history here in Addyston, we must also look to the future to continue to grow and prosper as a vibrant, safe and productive community.

Rest assured we're committed to providing the very best for our residents through educational programs, housing revitalization plans, crime prevention programs, CPR training for our citizens, and much, much more.

We want to pave the way for our children of tomorrow to have a community they can be proud of. A community that promotes new business and one that's attractive for new residents as well.

We look forward to working with our citizens in an effort to showcase Addyston as a community that's on the move.

Dan Pillow - Mayor 

Housing Redevelopment/Revitalization

Key plans in Addyston include developing numerous locations for housing and promote opportunities for home ownership in our village.

ARM - Addyston Restoration Movement

Please join us as we work with proven developers that have experience in building great neighborhoods throughout our region. We have spectacular views of the Ohio River valley here in Addyston which is an extremely attractive feature for home ownership for current and new residents.

The public is always welcome to attend our village council meetings as we look to collaborate with key developers as well as our key stakeholders in the community.


As you know our housing stock is in a crises situation. Renters out number owners. This is an alarming situation. Let me be very clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with renters, most of us have rented in our lifetime. The problem is that we have a constant turnaround and not many establish roots.

Therefore many do not take pride in our community. Couple this with the fact the house flippers that are in it for a quick buck, the problem grows quickly. Council sees the urgency and has committed substantial resources in the form of a Building Inspector and Code Enforcer to combat the problem.. They have expended thousands of dollars for the Addyston Clean-up so that each of us can get rid of any junk or clutter in and around our dwellings.

Please take advantage of this as it will be followed by strict code enforcement court appearances and/or fines.

Click here to access the
SAVE THE DREAM web site via the Ohio's Foreclosure Prevention Effort.

Click here to access the Hamilton County foreclosure information.

Click here to access foreclosure timelines.


In the event of an emergency will you be informed quickly? Probably not if you are not on our Call Command Community Safe system. Just call Lisa to add your name and phone number to the list and you are in the loop. You can add other numbers; cell, work etc. as well to be informed.


Each 911 call we make from the Village cost us $14.00. It is very important that we use 911 only in an emergency. In non-emergency situations you can contact our police by calling the car directly – 623.2563 or 941.1313 x11. REMEMBER: IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 911!!

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