As much as we take great pride in our rich history here in Addyston, we must also look to the future to continue to grow and prosper as a vibrant, safe and productive community.

Rest assured we're committed to providing the very best for our residents through educational programs, housing revitalization plans, crime prevention programs, CPR training for our citizens, and much, much more.

We want to pave the way for our children of tomorrow to have a community they can be proud of. A community that promotes new business and one that's attractive for new residents as well.

We look forward to working with our citizens in an effort to showcase Addyston as a community that's on the move.


Addyston Village Council Minutes:

All Addyston village council minutes for years 2008-2021 are now available to view on our council minutes page.

You can access the council minutes page by clicking here.


Addyston Village Council Videos:

Addyston village council videos are now available to view on our Addyston YouTube page.

You can watch the council meetings by clicking here.


Addyston Village Financial Reports:

All Addyston village financial reports for years 2009-2021 are now available to view on our council minutes page.

You can access the financial reports page by clicking here.


Addyston Income Tax Department:

The Village of Addyston uses the services of R.I.T.A. to administer our local earning tax collection. If you have any questions or would like more information about R.I.T.A, please visit their website by clicking the link below.

You can access the R.I.T.A webpage by clicking here.


Addyston Village Ordinances:

Addyston village Ordinances are nowavailable to viewbelow.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing Ordinances. This can be downloaded from


YEAR 2020

Ordinance 2020-14

Ordinance 2020-11-A-B

Ordinance 2020 9-A (Payroll)

Ordinance 2020-04

Ordinance 2020-03

Ordinance 2020-02

Ordinance 2020-01

Resolution 2020-02

Resolution 2020-01


YEAR 2015

Ordinance 2015-01

Ordinance 2015-02

Ordinances 2015-03 and 04

Ordinance 2015-05

Ordinance 2015-06

Ordinance 2015-07

Ordinances 2015-08 and 09


YEAR 2014

Ordinance 2014-01

Ordinance 2014-02

Ordinance 2014-03

Ordinance 2014-04

Ordinance 2014-05

Ordinance 2014-06

Ordinance 2014-07

Ordinance 2014-10

Ordinance 2014-11

Ordinance 2014-12

Ordinance 2014-13

Ordinance 2014-14

Ordinance 2014-15

Ordinance 2014-16

Ordinance 2014-17

Ordinance 2014-18

Ordinance 2014-19

Ordinance 2014-20

Ordinance 2014-21


YEAR 2013

Ordinance 2013-01

Ordinance 2013-02

Ordinance 2013-03

Ordinance 2013-05

Ordinance 2013-06

Ordinance 2013-07

Ordinance 2013-08

Ordinance 2013-09

Ordinance 2013-10

Ordinance 2013-11

Ordinance 2013-12


YEAR 2010

Ordinance 2010-01

Ordinance 2010-02

Ordinance 2010-03

Ordinance 2010-04

Ordinance 2010-05

Ordinance 2010-06

Ordinance 2010-07

Ordinance 2010-08

Ordinance 2010-09

Ordinance 2010-10

Ordinance 2010-11

Ordinance 2010-12

Ordinance 2010-13

Ordinance 2010-14



Our young citizens are the key to our future as a successful, vibrant village

The leadership in Addyston is committed to providing opportunities for growth and paving the way for a bright future..

Please join us as we work together to accomplish all of our future goals for Addyston's tomorrow.


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