In the event of an emergency will you be informed quickly? Probably not if you are not on our Call Command Community Safe system. Just call Lisa to add your name and phone number to the list and you are in the loop. You can add other numbers; cell, work etc. as well to be informed.


Each 911 call we make from the Village cost us $14.00. It is very important that we use 911 only in an emergency. In non-emergency situations you can contact our police by calling the car directly – 623.2563 or 941.1313 x11. REMEMBER: IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 911!!



Village of Addyston Swearing In Ceremony 2014

On January 7, 2014 the Village of Addyston swore in 5 Village Officials. Ann Pillow returned for her third term on Council. Dan Dalton will begin his second term. Rhonda Carter will begin her first term. One seat remains vacant, to be filled by Council. Joining the new council is long time Village Solicitor Robert Kelly, beginning his 19th year in that position. Present Board of Public Affairs President, Bernard Thomas begins his second term after serving one term as a Council Member.

The ceremony was preformed by, The Honorable Judge Lisa C. Allen, Hamilton County Municipal Court. The Invocation was given by, David Pitman, Pastor of the Addyston Baptist Church.

They join Mayor Dan Pillow, fourth term and two years Council, Margaret Dozier, long time County employee, 4 term Village Clerk, one term Council (Margaret was unable to attend due to illness), Jason Fry, three term Council Member, four year Vice Mayor, and newly appointed Treasurer Natalie Thomas, also unable to attend.

“I really enjoy this time of the year,” said Mayor Pillow, “It is like a new birth with new eyes and new ideas to help move our village forward”. The new council will face steep challenges as revenues continue to fall and cost continue to rise.

But today is a day of celebration a day of hope and promise. This is a day of new beginnings. Let us rejoice and be glad therein.

We extend our heart felt thanks to outgoing Council Members, distinguished war veteran and two term member Mr. Sonny Youngblood, former employee and Council Member Lisa Mear, appointee to council, Kim Ankenbauer and a special thanks to Kathy Dalton for the fine photographs of the event. 



We need help!

Several of the new members of Village Council served as citizen representatives on various commissions. We need to fill those vacancies. It is an excellent opportunity to give to your community and be informed as to how it works. This also affords those who serve to display their talents and get exposure and support for future village official openings. We have openings on the Planning Commission, The Board of Zoning Appeals and the Records Commission. To find out more call the Mayor’s office 513-941-1313x12




The Village has embarked upon a new “Master Plan for the Village of Addyston”. This endeavor is being paid for by our community partner Ineos ABS, formerly Monsanto. In order for the plan to succeed we need input from all our citizens, business partners and friend. Please take a few minutes and fill out the form below. We certainly want to hear any additional comments that you might have. Also see the “State of the Village Address” on this website.

Click here to complete the Public Opinion Survey

Click here to compete the Addyston Business Survey



2010 Oktoberfest Fireworks

Purple Heart Ceremony at the Addyston VFW

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Part 2
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