As much as we take great pride in our rich history here in Addyston, we must also look to the future to continue to grow and prosper as a vibrant, safe and productive community.

Rest assured we're committed to providing the very best for our residents through educational programs, housing revitalization plans, crime prevention programs, CPR training for our citizens, and much, much more.

We want to pave the way for our children of tomorrow to have a community they can be proud of. A community that promotes new business and one that's attractive for new residents as well.

We look forward to working with our citizens in an effort to showcase Addyston as a community that's on the move.

Dan Pillow - Mayor
Mator Dan Pillow


WeTHRIVE! Information


Addyston WeTHRIVE! June 14, 2014!

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The Village of Addyston (pop. 1,000) is located on the Ohio River, ten miles west of downtown Cincinnati. It was awarded a WeTHRIVE! Mini-Grant in November 2011. Built by the Ohio Pipe Foundry for its employees in 1891, the village is on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Addyston WeTHRIVE! Team:
Buddy Benjamin, resident
Rhonda Carter, resident
Dan Dalton, resident
Margaret Ann Dozier, village clerk
Pam Jackson, council member
Lisa Mear, council member
Ann Pillow, council member
Dan Pillow, mayor (team leader)
Bill Wickman, council member
Rev. Ann Wurster, village clergy liaison

How Addyston THRIVES!:
Village council adopted the WeTHRIVE! Community Wellness Resolution on February 7, 2012. The Addyston WeTHRIVE! team's goal is to make their village a "community that's on the move!" Key components of their Action Plan:
  • Create a Walkable-Rollable Addyston that includes eight routes throughout the village.
  • Provide these routes with benches, waste/recycle receptacles and signage marking distance.
  • Support additional opportunities for physical activity by purchasing outdoor exercise equipment for the greenspace at the municipal building.
In His Own Words:
Mayor Dan Pillow: “When you look around you and see that our children are out of shape and our nation is out of shape, you realize that we have to re-think what we teach our children and our communities. We need to make the healthy choice the natural choice. Without WeTHRIVE!, the full picture of this may never have occurred to me. If we had never received a dime from this grant, that revelation would be priceless.”

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Visit the Addyston WeTHRIVE! Page:

WeTHRIVE! Statement:
Click here to view the WeTHRIVE! Statement.

WeTHRIVE! Loop Information:
Click here to view the WeTHRIVE! Loop Information.

wethrive map
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Our young citizens are the key to our future as a successful, vibrant village

The leadership in Addyston is committed to providing opportunities for growth and paving the way for a bright future..

Please join us as we work together to accomplish all of our future goals for Addyston's tomorrow.


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