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The Parks and Playgrounds Committee, along with the Mayor and Council continue to work to make our playground a great place to walk, play and just hangout. The addition of our new basketball court has really added great fun and excitement to kids of all ages and a few old folks too. If you haven’t, come on down and take a stroll on our walking path, or just relax on our colorful benches and adult swings. 

We are so happy to announce that we have secured grant funding to build a new pavilion with tables and benches, 2 pickleball courts and water and some electric in late spring or early summer. We have also been awarded a large grant for 2025. We will be getting with you, the citizens, to talk about what we can add. 

Unfortunately, we have a huge problem and we need each of you to help us solve it. It seems as though as soon as we get something installed at the park vandals set right in. Before the concrete could dry on the bb Court, they had run scooters through it and defaced it to the tune of $23,000.00. Please talk to your kids; tell them how important it is to take care of our park. Tell them how hard we as a community have worked to provide a great place for them. Above all tell them if they “see something, say something”, if only to you.